Paumek Global Services Limited previously operating as a registered business enterprise under the name of Paumek International Company is a solely an independent Nigerian Company established and managed by a group of highly qualified and experienced multi- disciplinary Nigerian professionals. As a business enterprise, the company was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on 27th January, 1998 but was finally incorporated as Paumek Global Services Limited under the applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on 22nd day of March, 2012 with RC No. 1019998.

As an organization, we have requisite resources that are structured to provide a complete quality assured service capable of satisfying the stringent requirement to /of our numerous clients.

Our core areas of business included Dredging/ marine & maritime services, Concept/detailed engineering, civil construction, mechanical, electrical, fabrication works, project management, oil & gas services, leasing, haulage, logistics, procurement services and general contracts.

We provide our clients with total quality services and management in all areas of business.

Our cardinal objectives is anchored on satisfaction of our clients and customers through the provision of quality, satisfactory, timely service delivery including the application of ingenuous Dredging, Technical and Engineering solutions in the management and delivery of project works and services including project performance on budget.



VISION; To be a national pride and first class Dredging/ Maritime, Engineering and Technical Service Company and regional elite player through the provision of the highest level and standard quality services in our core business spheres, the oil and gas industry and other sectors of the economy, providing our clients with ingenuous engineering and technical solutions in difficult projects.

MISSION: To justify and prove a positive point and justification for local content and full indigenous participation in the engineering, construction and the oil & gas industrial sectors of the Nigerian economy by providing international assured and comparative quality services capable of satisfying the most stringent requirements of our clients whenever called upon, utilizing the best available technical/ engineering skill and tools, and also deploying and utilizing the best international standards, ethics and practices.


TEAM WORK: As a well-structured organization, Paumek Global Services Limited revolves its operations on team work. The Company team possesses complimentary skills and is committed to a common purpose and corporate objective, and holds themselves mutually accountable for all its achievements.

As a corporate body, we provide a working environment and conditions and offers opportunity that are conducive to encourage and help our staff / personnel including our clients to achieve and reach their full potentials as a team.

SAFETY: The safety of our workers is always our number one priority and remains an invaluable part of our corporate culture. We are committed to the highest safety standards consistent with sound Marine/Maritime, Engineering and Construction practices. We employ an integrated management system focusing on Health, Safety, Quality Assurance and Environment. Consistent to these, we ensure that the impact of our activities to and or on the environment is reduced to the least minimal level in all our project executions.

INTEGRITY: We remain consistent and true to our founding and driving values of Quality, Dedication, Honesty and Hard work. We maintain and strive always to sustain the highest ethical standards applicable in the industry. Our maxim remains “Get it done right the first time, satisfactorily and safely”. Ours is a business centered on trust, honesty, quality and dedicated service.

COMMITMENT: We employ proactive measures in finding solutions and providing services to our clients that best suits and achieve their business goals. Lastly, the sustenance of mutual business relationship with our customers and clients remain the strong bond of our business and paying personal attention to each of them as an individual.

CAPABILITIES: Our capabilities are derived from being a wholly Nigerian owned indigenous Dredging/Maritime, Engineering construction, Fabrication, Procurement, Logistics, Oil & Gas, and Technical Services company whose services are anchored on effective, efficient, qualitative and timely service delivery premised on best international standards and practices. The company as a corporate entity is registered under the applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission. We are also registered with some reputable Organizations, Agencies and maintain excellent business relationship with our numerous clients and customers.
With a fully operational / workshop base at Rivers State, the business hub in the Nigeria Oil & Gas sector and indeed the Niger Delta region, we also maintain strong business and credible relationship with first class banking/ financial institutions. Coupled with all the above, our main capability lies with our motivated and committed management, highly qualified / skilled technical and multi-disciplinary professional staff and ready available stock of dependable equipment resources and tools.
To our numerous clients and customers, we are well known for delivering our projects to designated/designed quality and standard, whether it be heavy or small scale/ extensive projects be it dredging, maritime, civil construction, fabrication, engineering and indeed any project we undertake.