10We pride ourselves in providing the most professional and reliable oilfield construction services in the Nigeria.  Utilizing our advanced technology, we construct drilling locations that are paramount to the success of your drilling operation.
The following is a list of some of the services that PAUMEK offers for site preparations:

  • Clearing of trees and vegetation
  • Canalization, Channel Dredging, Reclamation
  • Complete Development of location sites, reserve pits and access roads
  • Site house construction, Driveway Construction, Landscaping, Drainage and Trenching
  • Retaining walls – emergency & temporary earth stabilisation
  • Sand Sweeping and Stockpiling
  • Pit Closures/Drilling Site Cleanups
  • Soil Cementing and Permanent Rock locations
  • Well Head Plumbing, Production Hook-Up Services and Lease Maintenance services
  • Hydroseeding, Site Reclamation and Erosion Control Services
  • Crane and pile driving services

Pre-drilling site assessment, soil sampling and laboratory analysis are part of the “dirty work” that must be completed when preparing a drilling location. We have the personnel, equipment, facilities and know-how to provide your company with these services and continue on through construction of permanent drilling sites using aggregate materials.

Getting to and from drilling sites can often present major challenges. Fortunately, we have a wide and varied background in dealing with ecologically sensitive environment and transport issues.

  • The all-round environmental capabilities of our in-house engineering TEAM are renowned and enable us to perform highly complex projects
  • Our Research & Development efforts continuously improve our sustainable dredging methods. We recognize the importance of discovering alternative ways to approach changing environmental circumstances. We run a service option referred to as ‘Building with Nature’ to specifically address environmental challenges and conform to international bio-conservation and green principles.
  • Innovation and investment ensures our fleet is always in line, or technologically ahead of the latest requirements. In addition, we run ‘spearhead projects’ to address environmental issues, such as emissions reduction and turbidity control etc.
  • Our compliance with internationally accepted standards reflects our commitment to meeting the highest safety and environmental requirements.
  • We are experts in soil remediation, sludge dewatering and the recycling of dredged materials.
  • Our project track record and case studies show that our expertise has frequently made a key difference on environmentally sensitive dredging projects.

At PAUMEK GLOBAL SERVICES LTD we have the experience and expertise to help provide solutions to our customers’ sustainability dilemmas and to help mitigate some of the potential social or environmental concerns associated with their projects. Since we work with nature, we place a special emphasis on the environmental issues surrounding our projects.

We continually assess and monitor our processes and methods to meet changing conditions. As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, every attempt is made to prevent or limit noise pollution, the contamination of soil, water and air and the creation of waste products. The proper disposal of waste and contaminated products and the efficient use of water and energy are also key commitments for us.

We care about the social benefits of our services and act as a responsible member of society, or a good guest.


Maintenance / Services & Sales / Marine Spare Parts, Building and Leasing of Water Boats.
We specialize in Offshore Support Vessel Crewing, Manning and Management. We also Provide all types of Marine Consultancy for Client Projects, including Vessel Audits, Deep Water Anchor Handling as well as Marine and Drilling Personnel, Vessel Ownership and Chartering, Project Management & Marine Consultancy, Rig Moving, Catering ,Water Jetting & Fabric Maintenance, Recruitment Solutions and much more.