PAUMEK GLOBAL SERVICES LTD is a full service Marine Construction company providing dredging services to our private and public sector clients. Our services range from simple dredging projects providing additional draft in small marinas and harbors to conceptual design and implementation of multi-million dollar restoration of contaminated sediments in lakes, streams and rivers.

PAUMEK GLOBAL SERVICES LTD provides both ENVIRONMENTAL and NAVIGATIONAL dredging services and can assist with the design, permitting, sediment characterization, implementation and disposal needs of our clients.
Tasks include planning, designing, budgeting, scheduling and executing operations and maintenance in both deep-draft and shallow-draft channels. We have dedicated point of contact with local sponsor, project users, maritime, dredging industry and technical interests, local and state governments and other Federal agencies for all matters pertaining to the operation and maintenance of projects for both commercial and recreational users.

PAUMEK GLOBAL SERVICES LTD offers a wide variety of services that include Bulkheads, Dredging, Shoring and Bridge Foundations. We are proud of the reputation we have of developing new and innovative solutions to marine construction problems.

Our projects have ranged from repairing to design and implementation of River Remediation projects for our clients.  The majority of our projects have been located in the Niger Delta, but we are able to perform work anywhere within the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  We have all types of marine construction equipment available for bare or fully found charter. Our list of equipment includes Tugs, Barges, Dredging Equipment,          Swamp Buggies, Backhoes, Derricks, Pile Driving Equipment, Compressors and Generators.  We design and build all phases of marine construction, for both land and water.


PAUMEK GLOBAL SERVICES LTD  has always held safety, quality and environmental impact as its first concern in the designing and construction of projects.

We are also efficient operators in the Environmental Dredging industry. Our company’s team of Engineers and Scientists have designed, implemented and completed numerous environmental projects. These projects are completed well within the time and budget constraints of the project requirements.  Our fleet of Derrick Barges, Dredgers, Excavators, Survey Boats and Equipment allow us to rapidly deploy and effectively perform dredging operations.

With the support of other relevant service groups we have the capability and resources to undertake the complete spectrum of dredging related tasks including Canalization, Coastal, Riverbank and Seabed Protection, Offshore Services, Rock and Breakwater Construction, Environmental Projects, Marine Drilling and Blasting, Port and Waterway Engineering and Pipeline Installation.

Our company is known for its highly innovative and cost effective approaches on difficult construction sites. Our expertise and years of experience as well as our honest and straightforward approach to business make PAUMEK GLOBAL SERVICES LTD the type of construction team you want working on your project.

Our vast knowledge in the field has enabled us to understand the different classes of dredging as well as their varying purposes for industry, economic development and/or recreation as explained below.


Dredging can be used to deepen channels and waterways as a means to improve navigation. Navigational dredging is most commonly used in ports, harbors, and shipping channels as a way to maintain these waterways so that large ships, oil tankers, container ships, barges, and naval vessels can pass. Maintenance dredging is required periodically to remove sediment, and is a necessity for almost every navigable waterway and port. Our team of Engineers are well experienced in canalization projects, Swamp and wetland reclamation and remediation.


Dredges can be used during construction projects that require the creation of trenches for pipelines and tunnels, and the forming of foundations for structures such as in site preparation for oil well drilling. Dredging is also used at the onset of a project to help create land, remove land, create channels, create harbors/marinas and various other construction needs. Depending on the project requirements, We have many dredge options available to meet the rigorous demand for construction projects.


Dredges are often used to clean contaminated areas to restore the areas to non-contaminated levels. Hydraulic transfer of contaminated sediments has become known as the most cost effective and efficient way to restore contaminated areas. We offer a wide range of environmental dredges, ranging from the smallest swinging ladder dredge to custom designed dredges and work boats.


Dredging is as an efficient means to excavate sand, gravel, precious metals, coal, phosphates, and various other minerals that are mined and added to many materials we use daily. Most mining dredges require higher levels of throughput and must be designed for the rugged demand for the materials being dredged.



Dredges can be used to maintain, expand and deepen lakes, rivers and waterways that have progressively become shallow from deposits and overgrown vegetation.  If these are not dredged periodically, they become too shallow for boats and swimmers to enjoy them.


Dredges are often used to restore wetlands, beaches, lakes, streams, coastlines, and for other land reclamation projects.  In many coastal areas there is a shortage of land for development, therefore, dredges are used to pump material ashore and create new land or restore eroded material. Various dredge types can be used for restoration dredging depending on the project requirements.


Sometimes dredges are required for projects so specific they do not fall into any of the categories listed above. In this case, our engineers can work with your team to design a dredge option that will incorporate your specific requirements. Whether a project calls for extreme dredging depths, high excavation forces, long discharge distances or whatever challenges you may face, we can custom design a dredge option to meet your project demands.



We pride ourselves in providing the most professional and reliable oilfield construction services in the Nigeria.  Utilizing our advanced technology, we construct drilling locations that are paramount to the success of your drilling operation.
The following is a list of some of the services that PAUMEK offers for site preparations:

  • Clearing of trees and vegetation
  • Canalization, Channel Dredging, Reclamation
  • Complete Development of location sites, reserve pits and access roads
  • Site house construction, Driveway Construction, Landscaping, Drainage and Trenching
  • Retaining walls – emergency & temporary earth stabilisation
  • Sand Sweeping and Stockpiling
  • Pit Closures/Drilling Site Cleanups
  • Soil Cementing and Permanent Rock locations
  • Well Head Plumbing, Production Hook-Up Services and Lease Maintenance services
  • Hydroseeding, Site Reclamation and Erosion Control Services
  • Crane and pile driving services

Pre-drilling site assessment, soil sampling and laboratory analysis are part of the “dirty work” that must be completed when preparing a drilling location. We have the personnel, equipment, facilities and know-how to provide your company with these services and continue on through construction of permanent drilling sites using aggregate materials.

Getting to and from drilling sites can often present major challenges. Fortunately, we have a wide and varied background in dealing with ecologically sensitive environment and transport issues.