Our working experience in the Dredging, Steel fabrication and  construction Sector is collective and practicable. Our firm frequently participates in construction joint ventures in multiple markets, sharing risks and combining financial, technical, and other talents and resources to guarantee success.

Commitment to our clients has transformed our firm from a small construction contractor, to a national company performing complex work across the country.
Throughout our history, we have been committed to providing our clients with solid project performance and management.
Integrity of personnel and management, structures, and workmanship, has provided the foundation with which PAUMEK GLOBAL SERVICES LTD has built a national contractor and construction management organization.

We have a staff strength comprising of Management Personnel, Site Managers, Planning and Cost Control Engineer, Quality Assurance/Control Engineer,  Dredgmasters, Mechanical and Civil Engineers, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers, Safety Engineers, Installation Engineers, Subsea  Engineers, Corrosion Engineers, Specialized Welders, Logistic officers and Supervisors,  skilled and qualified labourers.

We offer our clients the guarantee that we will pour our full resources into every project, and that we will deliver only the highest standards of quality and responsiveness.
We view every project as simply a problem that needs to be solved, logically, efficiently, and quickly.