Dredging (Canalization, Stockpiling, Reclamation, Shore Protection Works etc.), Maritime/ Marine Procurement, Logistics & Supply Services. Well Drilling Site Preparation
Engineering, Procurement And Construction of Civil and Piling works and Mechanical Engineering Facilities- Roads, Bridges, Buildings, Drainages, Foundation works etc.
 Engineering, Fabrication, Procurement and Construction of Marine/Maritime Platforms – Dredgers, House/ Tug Boats, Barges etc.
 Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for Onshore/Offshore Platforms.
 Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Onshore Production Facilities.
 Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management Services (EPCM)
 Technical superintendence and Management consultancy.
 Project Management, Equipment Leasing and Logistic Services.
Consequently, we are determined to provide complete service to our customers in the Oil & Gas, Shipbuilding, Ship Repair, Fabrication, Construction, Industrial Maintenance, Dredging and Offshore, Sand Blasting, Piling, Mining and Civil Maintenance works.
We are committed to achieve sustained growth rate by meeting the schedule and quality requirements of our customers. We will provide our value added services at competitive prices by evolving efficient cost control measures and regular upgrading of our resources.